There are many reasons why you might be afraid of the spotlight, fearing that you will be judged, not trusting your abilities, lacking confidence in public, feeling insecure about your appearance, feeling shy, the list goes on. However I believe there is one reason that stands out above the rest, we don’t believe we have permission.

Face Towards the light is all about permission. Permission to be you in business. Permission to face towards the light and away from the shadow. Permission to be seen. Is it time for you to give yourself permission to be seen?

Face Towards The Light in Business

Your business photos are a glimpse in to the service you provide and the energy of you as a person. People will often choose to work with you based on images. Your business is unique so your photos will be unique to your business also.

Business Glimpse – Designed specifically for your business. Includes a 30 min -1 hour session to discuss what you wish to create. Bring out the essence of you in your business photos. You, your message, your energy, and your style of working is unique. Gone are the days when your photo has to look a certain way. Get creative so people can connect with you.

Fun 2 hour photoshoot & 20 digital photos to use on your website and social media. £297

Hair, Make-up & Specific Venue can be added on.

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Face Towards The Light Coaching Packages

You are starting, reinventing or upgrading your business, and have just realised, with some amount of fear, that you will be seen and noticed. Are you prepared? Are you ready to Face Towards The Light being who you truly are?

The 90 day Face Towards The Light Coaching programme. Takes you from hiding to daring to be seen in your business & includes:
* 2 hour 1x1 session with me + including a headshot.
* 6 x 90 minute coaching calls.
* 2 hour photoshoot designed for you + 10 digital photos.
* Workbook for you to use as you take the journey.

We will cover
* Reconnecting with your confidence so you dare to be seen, photographed and noticed.
* Feeling really comfortable about what you offer so you can present your services or products with ease.
* Facing your fears at a pace that fits with your values and beliefs.
* Stepping forward in your business as your unique self.  

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“I instantly felt very comfortable with Kama and her relaxed attitude made sure that we captured so many wonderful ‘mindful moments’!” Rachel

“I had a lovely photo session with Kama, it was an amazing experience. I have never had photos of me like that before – that captured the essence of me and that I liked. I want to do it again!” Angiras

“I felt at ease in such calming vibes with an ultimate professional. We giggled a lot but when I stopped to take in the energy presenting, it was a magical, somewhat spiritual experience.” Sam

“Most of us feel a little uncomfortable about having out photo taken and I for one am in that crowd. However Kama is fantastic. She has such a lovely gentle, calming and relaxed energy I was immediately at ease.” Sonia

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